No preservatives, no artificial colours or flavours

Our clean label Immunity syrup is a dietary supplement whose plant ingredients (Aloe vera extract, Elderberry and Vitamin C from acerola) are designed to help the natural functioning of the immune system, especially in children who do not have fully developed defense mechanisms. Recommended for use in particularly unfavorable periods (beginning of winter, early spring).

Immunity syrup is based on isomaltulose. Unlike ordinary sugar, isomaltulose is not broken down by the bacteria in the mouth, ensuring acids that contribute to the demineralization of teeth are not produced.


  • Yestimun® beta-glucan 
  • aloe extract
  • acerola fruit extract 
  • elderberry extract 
  • Isomaltulose/ saccharose

Packaging options:Glass bottle 100/125/150 ml

*Custom formulations also available