Meet our smart beverages.

Meet our smart beverages.

Dear customers and business partners,

Raising awareness on the importance of natural and balanced nourishment stimulates customers’ demand for healthy ready-made products. This tendency creates new business opportunities for those who would like to make a point in well-being and nutraceutical sector. Let us design and manufacture your smart drinks that benefit human body, mind and soul. We do all the hard work such as: product formulation, induction tests, product registration, manufacturing and packaging, you just harvest the glory!

Let us introduce our line of bio-organic beverages. 100% organic fruit ingredients of our functional drinks guarantee its exceptional taste and beneficial effects on your body. This trendsetting beverage thanks to its nutritional values constitutes a healthy supplement to your daily diet. Let us explain how does it work!

It used to be told that fruits are high in sugar which causes weight gain so they should be avoided. However, Mother Nature put there more than just sugar. I has been proven that there are many health benefits that fruits offer to human body, including prevention from heart diseases and cancer. What is more, fruits extracts reduce risk of chronic diseases.

According to the Journal of the America Medical Association, “Whole fruit is not associated with adverse effects up to the limits of human consumption”. There is no scientific evidence that the fruit fructose possesses any health risk to humans. Additionally, the extensively  spread recommendation to consume at least 5 portions of fruits is scientifically associated with notably lower risk of obesity and diabetes.

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