Throat syrup

No preservatives, no artificial flavours or  colours

This tasty throat syrup is a food supplement whose active herbal ingredients positively influence the proper functioning of both the throat and larynx. Its ingredients:

  • line the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, throat and larynx with a protective layer and ease its irritation (Marshmallow root extract)
  • influence positively the mucous membrane of both the throat and larynx (Sage leaves extract)
  • line the oral cavity, throat and larynx and moisturizes irritated mucous membranes (Icelandic lichen extract)
  • soothingly effect the oral cavity, throat and larynx (Pepper mint leaves extract)

Our throat syrup is based on natural honey. Honey, unlike sucrose, does not ferment in the digestive tract. This is particularly important in children over one year of age. Honey is better tolerated and absorbed faster by children than regular sugar.


  • Propolis
  • Icelandic lichen
  • Marshmallow root
  • Pepper mint leaves
  • Sage leaves
  • Honey /saccharose / sorbitol

Packaging options: Glass bottle 100/125/150 ml

*Custom formulations also available